Why Do I Film Weddings?

    If you ask anyone who makes money with a camera, they will most likely tell you that they started out by shooting weddings. Shooting weddings is a perfect way to get to know your gear, develop your style, and practice every facet of the creative process. All while making money!

    I have found that as I continue my journey as a wedding videographer, I am still learning more about what I like, what I don’t like, where to improve, and how to expand my business. As someone who has filmed over 30 weddings, I have been able to try a lot of new things, shoot with different cameras and lenses, and explore different techniques in the editing stage. As I look back on some of the weddings I first shot, there are a thousand things I would change. But that is only proof that I have evolved as a videographer and am still improving. 

    That brings us to the answer for the question: Why do I film weddings? In short, I film weddings because they allow me to make a living through a creative outlet. Being able to capture the best day of a couples’ life is an experience like no other. There is an incredible amount of pressure that goes into filming a wedding, but over the years, this pressure has only pushed me to create better films. The feeling when my clients tell me how much they love their wedding video is incredibly fulfilling. It’s enough to keep me motivated to push the boundaries as much as possible and create new visuals that evoke emotion.

    Down the road, I hope that I can leverage weddings as a tool to travel the globe. I am slowly molding my brand into a destination wedding company where brides from all over the world can hire me. I’m fortunate enough as it is to be able to travel across all of Michigan to film weddings!

    Yes, filming a wedding video is an incredible amount of work. Yes, there is a lot of traveling involved. Yes, the days are long and exhausting. And yes, I love shooting weddings.