10 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Videographer

    Wedding videography has been gaining popularity throughout the past decade and has quickly become a wedding day essential. Having a film of your wedding day provides a brand-new perspective that can perfectly recreate all those emotions of the day. Who doesn’t want to remember what it feels like to see your beautiful fiancé walk down that isle? 

    As a wedding videographer myself, I’m asked “why should I hire a videographer” on a regular basis. Brides are probably already shelling out tons of money for a photographer, so why should they pay just as much for a videographer?

    Here are ten reasons why having a videographer film your day isn’t a want, but a NEED…

    1.    Who doesn’t want to be a movie star?

    You can finally have your big film debut! A professional videographer knows that you probably haven’t been in front of a camera like this before, so they will tell you exactly what to do. Don’t be afraid of looking awkward in front of the camera, because you won’t! The videographer knows how to use angles, light, editing, color-grading, poses, and many other things to make you look as good as possible in the final video.

    2.    Some things photos just can’t capture

    While photography certainly has its place at a wedding, there are some things photography simply cannot capture. Things like the audio from the ceremony, toasts, and other speeches are all things that video can bring to the table. This is also a huge reason to make sure you budget for a high-quality videographer. Oftentimes, audio is something that cheap videographers will slack on when in reality it’s just as important as the visual. In my films, I will have a mic on the groom during the ceremony to capture all of the audio. In addition to that, I will plug into the soundboard with a different audio recorder to make sure that I have multiple audio sources to work from.

    3.    Easy to share with those who couldn’t attend

    Unfortunately, most of the time not everyone can attend your big day. But that’s okay! Wedding videos were born to be shared. Nowadays, it’s so easy to send and receive videos and photos that it would be a shame to not have a video to share! You can send a wedding film to all of your loved ones to relive the day and give new perspectives to those who were there as well.

    4.    Invest in your memories

    This is a huge one. Your wedding day only happens once, why wouldn’t you want as much coverage as possible? Not often do you get the chance to have your own paparazzi follow you around for one of the most important days of your life? You don’t want to end up wallowing in regret because you didn’t get a film made of your wedding. If money is an issue, ask about payment plans or if you can make a custom package. This is something that I do quite a bit. I want to make sure that my clients are happy and have the perfect package for their day! 

    5.    Time capsule of your day

    Remember looking at old photos of your parents on their wedding day and being in shock when you saw their retro haircuts? Video can provide an even bigger shock to your children! Watching your wedding film 10 years from now will remind you of all the great memories of the current times. This is a cool way to capture some of that nostalgia that will last a lifetime.

    6.    You won’t see everything that happens during the day, but the video will

    Being in the wedding party makes it very difficult to see everything that goes on during the day. In fact, it’s impossible. With a wedding video, you and your spouse can watch each other’s preparation and reminisce about the craziness of the day! From crowd reactions as you enter the reception to tears from your parents as you and your fiancé tell each other your vows, video can catch it all in its complete glory.

    7.    Watch over and over and over again

    What’s better than throwing your brand-new wedding video on loop and reliving the best moment of your life over and over? Nothing! Imagine yourself 

    8.    Make your friends jealous

    Once your friends see you living your dream wedding, they will certainly want one too. They might not say anything, but just know that deep down, they’re dying for a wedding film of their own.

    9. Up and coming essential for wedding day

    More and more brides are demanding wedding videos of their day, as they should be! Don’t miss out on the wave.

    10.   iPhone video just won’t cut it

    Uncle Bob standing in the back of the church recording your ceremony with his phone just won’t do anymore. Let a professional handle filming your day and you will not regret it. Find the right professional and they will blow your socks off. Not only do they already know what they’re doing, but you won’t have to worry about them throughout the day. Just let them do their thing and you’ll end up with a beautiful final product.

    October 1, 2019